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Pinterest has gained a reputation as a website geared mostly towards females who need ideas for wedding, home décor and recreation.

For this article we have compiled a li st of the best alternatives for pinterest:


Juxtapost is a Pinterest knockoff, but in a good way, it was supposed to be better than Pinterest. Filling in many of the holes thast were there in Pinterest. After Pinteresty caught up, Juxtapost lost a lot of its distinguished features, but it is still going strong.

We Heart It

If we had to describe We Heart It in one sentence, we would call it the offspring of Pinterest and Tumbir in a bad way. We Heart It is a place where users can be themselves and post up pretty much anything they want--- cat pictures, melodramatic quotes, cute outfits, landscapes, food and more.


According to its homepage Dribbble is the leading destination to find and showcase creative work. For all the creative folks out there, Dribbble is the perfect outlet for you to answer the question.


are you a foodie? If so you will fall in love with FoodGawker in no time. This website is not only an excellent place to discover new dishes, ingredients, and beautiful photographs of food. It is also a grat website to find plenty of online cooking guides for beginners or experts.

There are other alternatives for Pinterest that are listed below:







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