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When Elmer Alvarez, an homeless man, found a $10,000 check on a street in New Haven, Connecticut, he contacted the owner, realtor Dr Roberta Hoskie even before she realized it was lost, all because he wanted to ‘do the right thing’. So touched by his honesty, Dr Hoskie arranged to have Alvarez rewarded with housing, a job interview and free real estate classes. On top of that, she offered him a place at her real estate school free of charge – to set him up in the long term.

Dr Hoskie said she was once homeless single mom herself, so understands the difficulty he was going through. She said the only condition is that Mr Alvarez help another homeless individual once he’s back on his feet. Taking to Facebook Live to broadcast her good deed, the successful realtor met the homeless man at the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce and publicly paid tribute to him.

The grateful man was handed a certificate by Dr Hoskie and broke down in tears as she paid tribute to his honesty. “There are always angels out here in heaven and earth,”he told the cameras.

Explaining why he chose to do the right thing and find the check’s owner, Alvarez said: “Honestly, I give it from the bottom of my heart and I expect nothing back in return.”

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