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Glass Software Management keeps your glass business running smoothly, so you can focus on more important things.

The amount of time you spend on managing and trying to understand what is happening in your business is disproportionate to the amount of time spent on carrying out paid work for many of the glass companies we talk to.

Glass Manager is a Business Software to Manage your Glass Company. Glass Manager can help you turn around this, spend time on income-generating, business-critical work while progressing jobs smoothly through a robust system of glass management, complete with in-depth reporting to help you understand your business better.

1.    Spend less time planning, more time doing:

You will spend much of the time planning, settling, and being confused about calculations without proper tools. Therefore, it is easier to let the machine monitor this part and start working on something else.

Glass Manager connects all the elements of a job together so that job progression is easy to see, see what still needs to be done and take appropriate action. You can access quotations, work orders, invoices, the scheduling tool and more from the Work-In-Progress screen. Clicking on one item highlights linked documents, so the associated quote and a work order will be highlighted when you click on an invoice in the Work-In-Progress list.

2.    Keep things organized:

Nothing from the internet is ever really deleted, but that's not always a bad thing. You always have a record of all the jobs you do if you use a cloud-based system, which makes it easy to go back and reference them at any point.

3.    Sharing and standardizing knowledge:

Maybe you've been in this business for a while and you're always able to draw up precise and consistent glass orders. Can everyone say the same in your company? It will improve efficiencies and reduce errors by establishing an agreed, uniform method of drawing up, storing, and submitting glass orders for your entire company by using a Glass manager.

4.    Save time and streamline orders for glass:

By scribbling an order down on a notepad, you may think you're saving time, but the knock-on effect slows down the process. It takes time for someone else to interpret that drawing (either internally or your supplier), additional checks are required to ensure that it is correctly interpreted, and the information on that piece of paper needs to be turned into a customer quote, a supplier purchase order, and your own team's job order. You may be able to integrate the two, depending on the software you choose and the machinery you have, and send your orders straight to production.

5.    Know what it costs for your glass:

Pen and paper have their strengths, but it's not one of them to calculate glass costs automatically. Dedicated glass design programs will allow you to preload supplier costs so that you can price up a job as you draw, then immediately send the completed quote to the customer. No time wasted with the supplier going back and forth or checking price lists to work out what's what. You will also have complete margin oversight.

With all the top advantages and much more, Glass Manager is the perfect app for all growing glass businesses. Furthermore, to satisfy all the specifications, the Glass Manager proposes personalized program improvements.

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