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Mamadi Doumbouya photographic portfolio speaks otherwise. Just six years after picking up his first camera for a photography class at New Vision Charter High School in the Bronx and eight years after immigrating to America, Doumbouya has get headliners from all industries—Spike Lee, Stacey Abrams, as the photographer of the New York Times Magazine

Doumbouya biggest challenge is finding new colors and ways to capture his subjects. “I don’t try to repeat myself,” says Doumbouya. “I try to go into every photoshoot with a fresh mind.” Freshness is what Doumbouya aimed for, and captured, in photographing the 2021 Forbes 30 Under 30 standouts. he photoshoot everyone from Sabrina Carpenter who has 20 million Instagram followers to Recidiviz cofounder Clementine Jacoby

Mamadi Doumbouya sits back in his chair and imagines winning $1 million. “My ultimate dream is to explore my full artistry,” he says. To do this, he envisions buying a home and top notch photography studio in Guinea. “It’s not just for me,” he says. “My dreams involve everyone in my family.”

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