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The couple duo behind Kicksnation wants to help you to find your next pair of modern sneaker. Tamir Buchler is the co-founder and CEO of Kicksnation, a personal styling service that focuses on the modern sneaker . If you love shoe and want to upgrade your shoe game then Kicksnation will help you to do this , Buchler is a entrepreneur with more 15 years of experience in senior management leadership in online marketing and direct-to-consumer companies.

Tamir Buchler said that i was working on project for a company called for a couple of years and i got really exposed to the concept of personalization online idea. I just can't understand how this concept wasn't more widespread, particularly in the world of shoes. I came home one day and told my wife about this idea, We decided to start off on this journey together and put together personalized boxes of sneakers for our friends, who were enamoured in allowing us to curate that experience for them.

Our original idea was that people are spending more time in shopping online than they would in brick and mortar. And the where malls inherently were going to suffer you as a result. And so we looked at that as an chance. Nevertheless, we knew that the mall experience and the in-person experience created certain opportunities that weren't available online. For sample, when you walked into a shoe store, you inherently had a try-before-you-buy experience but this option was not avil on online shopping.

What's the price point for Kicksnation?

We charge a $15 styling fee of shoes to put together your curated sneaker box. When you take your quiz, you'll be able to set your price range for each sneaker that you want buy it. The prices can range anywhere from $150 up to $350 per sneaker pair. We're all about giving you what you want, but not what you expect.

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