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The 5th generation of mobile internet speed is super-fast to download and upload. While 5G mobile networks connection available for the first time in 2019, they were mostly still expensive and limited to functioning . 2020 is likely to be the year when 5G really starts to work, with more affordable data packks as well as greatly improved coverage, meaning that everyone can join in the fun. A 5G mobile network builds a better future.

What makes 5G faster? Good question!

As per communication principles, the shorter the frequency, the larger the bandwidth.

The use of short frequencies for 5G networks is why 5G can be faster. This high-band 5G provides the expected boost in intenet not only in speed but also in capacity, low latency, and high quality quality.

However,5G downloading speed may different in widely by area.

As reports in February 2020 issue of Fortune Magazine, the average 5G speed measures done in Q3/Q4 2019 range from:

  • 220 megabytes per second (Mbps) in Las Vegas,
  • 350 in New York,
  • 380 in Los Angeles,
  • 450 in Dallas,
  • to 550 Chicago,
  • and over 950 in Minneapolis and Providence approximatively.

Is a 5G network available in all city?

The 5G Ultra network is currently available in parts of 55 cities, expanding to 60+ U.S. cities by the end of 2020, from San Diego to New York City In addition to these mobile markets, Many verizon continues to increase the coverage for 5G Home Internet connection, for the first 5G-powered residential broadband service. The debate going around 5G network is getting louder. But before on any conclusion India needs 5G or not, it's important to assess its pros and cons. the opinion of telecom operators on this issue is somewhat unclear.

What are 5G benefits?

A more convenient question might be, “What can't 5G network can be used for?” Rich, complex information has the potential to move at speeds previously scarcely imagined. the speeds, combined with lowered latency, will have far-reaching effects on every sector of the economy.

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