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When high school junior Jake Lavin classmate tragically lost his life with mental illness and depart in 2017,Jake Lavin decide to help others people who might also be suffering from mental illness. So at the age of 17 he decide to started Happiness Project, a clothing line of hoodies, t-shirts and accessories centered around ending the stigma of mental illness that gets in the way of people seeking help.

What was the starting point for Happiness Project?

I remember When I was a junior in high school, and a classmate named Nick Spaid depart after suffering from mental illness. It wasn't a topic that people would like talk more. I remember when it was just really awkward, no talking in the hallways and no one was really saying anything. So I was thinking, “How can I make a difference? And do it in like a cool way, to make people start talking about it?” So Happiness Project was born and I started selling t-shirts just door-to-door, to friends and family.

What are your future goals?

He says we are planning on drilling down on content creation in 2021. We want to add real value to our followers' In order to do this, we have launched our TikTok page, where we post positive and uplifting content that make people happier and motivated. In just over a month, we started our channel and we already gained almost 150,000 followers on our channnel. We have also set up a text list where every single Monday, Wednesday and Friday our subscribers receive a new happy reminder or positive message!

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