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So I'm so frustrated that I actually finally created a Reddit account just to get some help with this lol. I do not understand the nature of PDFs and the myriad of unintuitive apps out there to read and edit them. I started volunteering at a non-profit and I have to build large case files. It involves scanning a lot of paperwork so I needed to get a scanner with an auto-feeder. I got a Brother L-5850DW.

It works great but for some reason I just can not seem to find an ideal solution in a single piece of PDF software. Right now I have the following software installed:

  • PDF Sam
  • PDF Sam Enhanced
  • Foxit reader
  • Brother Utilities (came with printer)
  • Paperport 14 (came with printer)

Each of these has a function or two that I need, but I'm a minimalist when it comes to software and this is too many apps. Also why does all PDF software always seem so bloated and slow? I'm about due for a reformat and would like to find a single app that can do all I need when I reinstall. Preferably it could do all the following:

  • - Merge and split PDFs
  • - Scan documents to PDF
  • - OCR to take image PDF and convert to searchable text
  • - Settings where I can modify quality of PDF to fit within a certain file size
  • - Annotate and highlight text
  • - Preferably free but I am willing to pay
  • - Not slow and bloated

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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Asked by un-pop-opinion : Frustrated with selection of PDF software out there, please help

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