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Data management platforms, commonly referred to as DMPs, store customer data and analyze it to help in digital marketing strategies and customer focus. The popular information stored in the DMPs includes customer names, email addresses, cookie ID, preferences, and other identifiers. For companies that are data-oriented, it is worth going through the data management platform list to find the one that is suitable for your needs. Here are the benefits your business will get:

  1. Understanding your customers
  2. Identify new customers and their needs
  3. Get data to improve your product
  4. Make sales and marketing strategies
  5. Increase the customer base

That said, it is time to go through the top data management platforms list in 2021. If you are a salesperson, marketer, customer care representative, or the owner of a company, the insights below will be invaluable to you.


Does the name SAS ring a bell to you? The company has been in the data management arena for a long time now. SAS DMP synchronizes with Hadoop and legacy systems to access a huge pool of their data. With this data, users can manipulate it to make logical results. The results are used in sales and marketing strategies as well as customer communication. One thing to note is that SAS DMP can be costly as you have to pay for a license.


As the name suggests, Cloudera utilizes cloud technology to store all of the data, access numerous databases, manipulate data, and even share it. As one of the most powerful tools on the data management platforms list, Cloudera offers great features for users to utilize. With the DMP, you can customize customer data to suit the needs of your company. What's more is that you can access the DMP from any location since it is cloud-based. Just like other premium tools on the data management platform lists, you will pay to enjoy all of their services.


If you are looking for a self-service DMP for small and medium businesses, Tropare is an excellent option. The company offers broad data management solutions to be utilized by sales and marketing teams. Since it is an app, it is very mobile, which means that the users can use it on the go. The capabilities according to important sources include data ingestion, blending, list management, analytics, and reporting. Since this tool is on the list of top data management platforms, it is reliable and your business will go far by utilizing it. So, why not pick a package that is appropriate for you and pay for it?

For advertisers who are looking for a DMP to manage information such as gender, sex, and preferences, this is tool is exceptionally great. Its main goal is to create a database for online advertisements in any segment. Since it works with several databases, you can access the information of millions of potential customers. Some of the functions you can perform with either the desktop or mobile apps include data analysis and reporting. So, you will have different reports for decision making in digital advertising.


The data management platforms list is not complete without mentioning Lotame. The tool collects information from social platforms, websites, and various open-source CRMs or databases. Hence, it is a powerful tool that you can rely on to create strong potential customer profiles for marketing purposes. Users who can utilize this tool include advertisers, sales and marketing teams, business managers and owners, and even publishers. So, if you want to unify your data, just pay for this tool and implement it in your company.


Although there are numerous other tools on the data management platforms list, these are the most popular ones today. You can trust them to be your companion when handling sales and marketing strategies, doing digital advertisements, or creating customer profiles for communication.

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