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Roof racks are a necessity if you want to load goods on the roof of your vehicle. Many people often refrain from installing roof racks and later on regret taking that risk because if you don't have proper racks to hold onto your belongings, you can never drive peacefully.

You definitely do not want to constantly worry about your things on top of your vehicle while you drive, and to stop yourself from doing that, getting roof racks installed is a must. A good quality roof rack is needed because that will provide the required amount of grip, keep your belongings secured and will make sure your car is not damaged either while loading and unloading of your belongings are done.

The Thule range of roof racks is one of the best you can have and is the most appropriate for rigorous usage as well. These are made out of top quality material to provide you with the right amount of grip and also will sustain extreme usage. Here are some of the best Thule roof racks you can choose for your car.

Thule Wingbar EVO

These are made out of top-notch aerodynamic bars, which will effectively give you a dynamic experience in loading and unloading your belongings from your car's roof. The Thule Wingbar EVO comes in seven different sizes, and you can easily get a size that will fit the roof of your car appropriately. It has premium features like the WindDiffuser technology and SmartSlide features, which ensures your things are absolutely intact on the roof and also your car is safe from any damage happening while loading and unloading the things. Other than that, it is extremely easy to install and comes with an installation guide as well.

Price: $279

Thule Evo Clamp

The best aspect of these racks is that it is extremely easy to install. You will not need any pre-existing attachment points or extra tools either to install it. It comes with its own installation instructions and tools along with other premium features like the ergonomic torque limiter key and patented clamping technology to keep your belongings absolutely safe while you enjoy driving peacefully.

Price $279

Thule Aeroblade edge load bar

These are some of the strongest roof racks you can invest in. It comes with premium features like the aerodynamic drag, TrailEdge designs and T track designs for hassle-free installation. It is available with its own installation guide and tool kit so that you don't have to face any issues in installing it on your own. This is on the pricier side for the features it provides.

Price: $349.

Other than these you can also choose

  • Thule Squarebar
  • Thule Apex XT Swing
  • Thule Wingbar Evo

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