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With a wide array of designs and variety in models, Nokia has definitely emerged to be one of the leading mobile brands in the market. User friendly technologies, innovative designs and affordable price has made Nokia mobiles an instant favourite amongst people across the world. Amongst numerous popular handsets, Nokia E 63 has emerged as an affordable business handset. There are indeed innovative features in this phone and it comes with numerous advanced technologies.

Nokia E 63 comes with 2 mega pixels camera and also has exceptional features like video calling, video recording and LED flash. Available in monoblock and querty keyboard, Nokia E 63 has great multimedia applications like FM, music and video players and stereo speaker phone. Ideal for music lovers, this handset also has an audio jack. When it comes to connectivity, it can be easily termed as one of the most advanced devices. This advanced and high tech device comes with great browsing speed up to 100 kbps, Wi-Fi and 3G features. It also comes with internal memory of 100 MB and has micro SD card with memory size up to 16 GB. This definitely brings in great convenience for the users. In addition, there are also other important features like SMS, instant messaging, email, calender, currency convertor and countless other important features.

Highly convenient and durable, this innovative Nokia mobile has already become popular among many users. If you are looking for some exceptional Nokia mobiles in UAE and desire to compare Nokia price in UAE, then internet is definitely the most trusted source. You can simply visit the online stores and compare Nokia price in UAE. Clear images at online stores can easily give you a clear idea about the exceptional designs, color and Nokia price in UAE. So, in addition to Nokia E 63, you can also have a look at the latest Nokia mobiles.

Be it Nokia E 63 or any other modern Nokia mobile series, you can easily get all the products at online stores. Online stores not only makes comparison of Nokia price in UAE easier but it also offers amazing deals. Moreover, at online stores you can always compare the features without the unwanted interference of shopkeepers. Thus, online stores allows you to shop at your own pace. In addition, online stores offer user friendly transaction and there are varied options of payment. You can either choose to pay online or pay cash on delivery. So, shop these hi tech devices at online stores and get full value of your hard earned money.

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