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A young man identified as Henry Mamulu has given an account of his journey to greatness, showing that it was never an easy one.Henry said that after he got his first degree in accounting, he tried hard to get formal employment but no firm would hire him. Thinking he needed to improve on himself, the young man enrolled for his post-graduate and bagged a master’s degree in finance.

Despite that extra effort, he still could not get any company to give him a job. With all chips down, the man took charge of his destiny and studied how to become a retail investor. After that, the man launched his own company. In a LinkedIn post, the man said: “2020 is not the year of excuses but performance.”

This is how people reacted to this post:

Pretty Aminu - That is the right and best step he has taken. May the Lord enlarge his company for him and make him an employer of labourers in Jesus Name AMEN… CONGRATULATIONS young man…

Hannah Samuel - He rob bank to get capital to start up his own company? motivational speaker, See this year has been hectic already, so don't add more to it. Just avoid me

Uche Presh Uche - Lets be realistic here, he has d necessary things needed to start up a business; how about those who dont hv funds at all and hv been out of job for similar years!

Michael Stonebridge - That's how I told a friend that Nigeria is very terrific that he should just do his best and let God do the rest and he told me That nobody's best I working in Nigeria again

Mikel Nweke Ishoko - Some times its even more easy to start ur own thing than to look for a job. Some people like me need to be kicked out of our current office bf we can make it in life. My own story is coming soon for sure.

Queen Martha - Your nose is the right shape. Your skin is the right shade. Your lips, hands & feet are the right size. Your height is perfect & so is your natural hair color & texture. Your voice & laugh are perfect. Whatever you dislike about yourself is just in your mind.Fashion didn't create you. Beauty standards didn't create you. Your culture's idea of physical attractiveness didn't create you. God created you and He does NOT make mistakes.

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