Kids Invite Parents To Dance Class — Mom & Dad Blow Them Away With Slick Moves – Video

Parents dazzle dance class with their moves when invited with kids
Having your parents dance alongside you can seem weird to a lot of people. Not everyone is capable of pulling off slick moves alongside their kids.

So, Phil Wright, a choreographer at the International Dance Academy in California had a pleasant surprise on the day when the parents, siblings and other family members of the kids in the dance class were invited to dance alongside the kids.

Several of the parents managed to rock the dance floor and dazzle everyone with their slick moves.

They danced to a 1981 song called ‘Let’s Groove’ and Groove was exactly what they did! All of them had a great time together, pulling off awesome movies that proved that parents can be great dancers as well!

No limits to dance!

There were plenty of moms who managed to prove to everyone that they could pull off the great moves! Not to mention the dads! One of the dads actually managed to pull off some moves while wearing a baby.

Amazing, right!

It was overall an amazing and fun time. The parents managed proved to everyone thre that being a parent did not in any way hinder one’s dancing abilities.

The moms and dads did offer great competition to the kids as they performed their slick moves. It probably taught them a lesson to never underestimate their parents again!

Have you ever wondered if your parents are capable of such feats? Of you think not, chances are that you are wrong, and they would completely surprise you.


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