Young Dancer’s Soul Is Poured Into Tribute For Adoptive Mom. [Video]

Dancing is such a powerful outlet for when we can’t verbally express what we’re going through. It’s a mode of communication that lets our bodies do the talking.

There’s no pressure to find the right words or worry about tone or stringing together a sentence to say the perfect thing. Being able to move through the air, using your body as your instrument or as a tool to tell your story, is a gift only a few of us have. And when it’s a complicated heartfelt story like this one with many emotions and layers, it’s obvious just how gifted this young man because he chose dance as his mode of storytelling.

Jaxon Willard is 18-years-old, from American Fork, Utah, USA.

At age 11, he picked up dancing after being inspired by his sister who did ballroom dancing in an after-school program. His curiosity was piqued and this traditional dance led him to develop a deep passion for more than just ballroom, including, hip-hop, jazz-ballet, and contemporary dance.

Jaxon also knew from a young age that he was adopted. Harboring feelings of neglect and abandonment from his birth mother while at the same time experiencing huge gratitude and feelings of love for his adoptive mom, Jaxon has made strides trying to deal with his emotions. As he’s grown older he’s been able to learn to forgive his birth mom but also find the strength to be honest with his adoptive mom and share these feelings openly with her.

It’s through facing his adversity head on that he’s been able to unpack these feelings through his dance and unique choreography; choreography that gives him a voice where he can turn vulnerability, frustration, and heartache into something absolutely radiant on stage.

And in this performance, there’s no denying how out of this world this young man is. Especially considering this routine was about the push and pull he felt in regards to his feelings about both mothers, but thrilled to have the mom he has now. This dance is for her.

For his performance in the duels segment of “World Of Dance 2018,” Jaxon takes the stage.

He his magnetic, his heart is poured into every twist and turn and jump and movement of his self-choreographed routine. There are times where it looks like he’s suspended in the air, flying. His charisma, courage and unwavering talent grab hold of all the judges and audience members who are reduced to crying messes. Everyone was moved by this mind-blowing performance.



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