Year Might Have Started Horribly for Disabled Vet Who Lost His Wallet—Now He’s Looking for Two Hero Kids [Video]

When Marc Walsh lost his wallet, he thought it was gone forever. Because Walsh is a disabled veteran, it’s hard for him to find work – so when his wallet fell out of his pocket at the grocery store, he was understandably distraught.

His wallet, storing his credit cards and IDs, also contained hundreds of dollars in cash, which is why he was stunned when all of it was returned intact by two pint-sized Good Samaritans.

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One day later, Walsh’s roommate called the Detroit veteran and told him the store’s security footage showed two kids earnestly returning the wallet with everything still inside.

“I pulled over on the side of the road and started crying I was so happy,” Walsh told FOX 2. “When I went back to look at the video, I was just completely shocked to see two kids that age being the ones to return it. Honestly it’s just really truly heartwarming.”

Walsh is now searching for the kids so he can thank them and offer a reward for their honesty.

(WATCH the news coverage below) – Security Camera footage via FOX2

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