Woman Is Scare When Crying Man Is Forced To Throw Package Away At Airport Until She Sees Why

When I travel my kids know that I am bringing something home for them. I love finding the perfect gift for them and giving it to them when I arrive.

I love seeing their reaction and it’s an awesome feeling. Bill and Linda Modry felt the same way and were looking forward to visiting their newly adopted granddaughter. They were beyond joyful that they were finally welcoming a little girl into the family. They brought a special gift for her to help her remember this moment in time for the rest of life.

Sadly, when they got to the security gate at the airport, they were forced to throw the gift away.

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Amarri Hernandez and her boyfriend were waiting at St.

Pete-Clearwater International Airport when they saw the whole thing go down. “I witnessed a man being told that he was not allowed to take his package on the plane,” Amarri writes on a social media post. “The guy looked at the officer and said ‘Could I leave it at the airport in the lost and found. It’s a snowglobe for my adopted grandchild.’” The officer, like so many at the airport, was unsympathetic to the man’s plea. “The officer replied ‘Put it in file 13’ and pointed at the garbage can,” Amarri writes on social media. “The man was hurt and threw it in the garbage.”

When Amarri saw the man walking away from the trashcan in tears, she was anguished.

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When her boyfriend decided to go to the trash can and retrieve the package they discovered something that made them cry.

The gift was a snowglobe containing photos of the couple and the little girl. Amarri was determined to find the man that was forced to leave this precious gift in the trash. She sent out a post on social media to try to reunite the man with the gift. Her post went viral and was shared over 40 000 times. It caught the eye of just the right person. An employee of ‘Things Remembered’, the company that made the custom snow globe. She contacted Amarri right away.“She’s just amazing. I can’t believe that she did this,” she tells Fox13 News. “People are basically really good, and she’s just exceptional.”

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Amarri did what was right because she knew it was right not because she had to.

“My mom raised us to always be good to people,” she says. “I would want the same thing to happen to me.”

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