Woman Has 44 Kids By Age 36 And Is Raising Them Alone

It would be safe to call this woman as the world’s most fertile woman with a loads of self-confidence and gender-empowerment. She has 44 children so far and she also raises them all alone without any additional help.

When Mariam Nabatanzi was merely 36yo, she had a record number of babies. At moment, she’s 39yo and has three sets of quadruplets, four sets of triplets and six sets of twins. She raises them all alone because her husband had left her alone. She is now solely responsible for her family. This way she is becoming a hope for a majority of women who feel like they are alone and wouldn’t be able to raise their kids. Mariam has in a way shown to them the females are empowered to do anything.

If they are willing to take small steps towards independence.

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Mariam belongs to Uganda and she was married at the age of 12 with her 40yo husband.

One year after the marriage she gave birth to twins. The life of Mariam has become difficult as her husband has left her alone. The financial condition of the mother is not quite well enough but still she vows to f-ght off her condition. She lives in a home built from cement bricks and corrugated iron roof.

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When her first set of twins were born, she was told by the doctor that she had an unusual large ovaries.

The doctor told her that birth control pills might not be a good option for her health and therefore, children kept coming.

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Large families are particularly common in Africa. On average a mother has 5.6 children in Africa and this is quite a big number for the Western countries. However, even in Uganda the family of Mariam is pretty huge. When Marian was 23, she had 25 children and she went to the doctor who advised her not to take birth control pills because of her high ovary count.

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