Wife Finishes 14-Hour Shift And Eats Sandwich Alone. Then Husband Makes Viral Post On Facebook

Philip Urtz, lives in Rome, New York, with his wife Jessica. Jessica is a st-roke nurse, whospenther day, caring and treating patients. She comes home tired and overworked, after a stressful 14-hour shift.

One day she came home and made a quick sandwich for herself and was getting ready to sleep.

At that time, Philip decided to show his love, affection and appreciation to his wife.

He went to the Facebook Page named Love What Matters and started writing.

He posted her pic and said, “She is my wife, Jessica, having dinner, after a 14-hour shift. She comes home, has time only to eat, then she headed to bed for recharging herself for her next day shift.”

He continues, “She wakes up early in the morning. She takes shower, grabs her lunch and gives me and our dog kiss and heads out of the door”.

Her husband added how she takes care of her patients.

Many people come to the hospital with different problems like accidents, st-rokes, falls but Jessica takes care of all of them. It’s not an easy job, it has long hours filled with stress, fear and tears. But it is worth it, as at the of the end you are helping people.

He added, “She doesn’t want to talk about her day, as I understand it”. Sometimes she comes home happy and sometimes sad, but still, she is always on time for her next day routine.” His last sentence was, “I love her with all my heart. My wife is my hero. My wife is a St-roke Nurse”.

Though it’s not an easy job and going through a 14-hour day like Jessica, there is a person, her partner Philip, who loves her.

He listens and supports her in all emotions. That’s what really matters.


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