When This Man Told His Foster Care Story, People Listened — 39 Million People. [Video]

Having grown up in the foster care system with his belongings kept in a garbage bag, Rob Scheer struggled to find a place where he felt wanted and loved as a child.

Now, he wants to ensure that no kid has to endure the same pain and indignities that he did. So, when he and his husband were ready to start a family of their own, they decided to foster — and later adopt — four children.

On Feb. 8, Upworthy shared their story on Facebook, and in just over a week, it’s been seen by over 39 million people across the world.

Even better, Rob and his family have raised over $103,000 for their foundation, Comfort Cases, which provides backpacks filled with PJs, toothpaste, a toy, a blanket, and a book for kids in the foster system.

Imagine how much more Comfort Cases could raise if even more people knew about it?


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