What Every New Nurse Must Know?

Nursing is certainly not a stagnant profession. Even fresh graduates get overwhelmed about the constantly changing procedures, technologies, processes, and treatments. Being a new nurse, you might wonder about the skills and qualities that will make you excel at your job.

Well, you need to be an excellent multi-tasker, pay attention to details, and display empathy.

Irrespective of your location, specialty, or career aspirations, it is vital to learn these essential skills. They not only help to advance your career but also help you be the best nurse for your patients.

Before you start looking for highest paying nurse jobs, question yourself whether you are really willing to jump into it.

Being a nurse is greater than just providing people with plump pillows and pills. It involves a lot of studies, dedication, hard work, and passion. It is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Here are some essential skills to master while you are at the job

Develop Critical Thinking and Reasoning

Remember to start thinking outside the box. Adapting to unique patient presentations, changing situations, a rotating team, and an unusual medication combination takes awareness. Using critical thinking to assess and evaluate the entire picture is essential for you to succeed in the job. Nursing always involves a unique set of circumstances. Your care plan has to be tailormade and adjusted to the picture being portrayed by the patient.

With nursing, you are not just treating one patient issue. You will have to think ahead and determine how the disease has affected the patient across his/her lifespan. Also, the best choices for the patient must also be considered in light of your location, timing, and available resources.

Make Friends with Technology

While nursing moves fast, technological advancements are even faster. Newly graduated nurses may lack years of experience; they are technologically familiar. You can now find apps that assist nurses in determining the medication dosages and websites that provide electronic health records to patients.

Technology is continuously changing and is likely to impact the way nursing is performed in the future.

For instance, instead of making a time-consuming drive directly into the ER, a specialist may do a remote patient analysis through monitors and robotic devices. You will have to adapt to this new way of working. Whether you are navigating through online requirements of a class, accessing patient records, or learning about medication scanning program, technology surely helps in creating efficient workplaces.

Practice Effective Communication

Excellent communication is vital for a nurse with any speciality. What is necessary to help this patient? Are these therapies contradictory? There are many questions that needs to be answered for nurses. But remember that good communication does not always come easy. Effective communication is when you both listen and speak. This is especially true in dynamic and fast-paced healthcare settings.

Here, interpersonal relationships have a significant impact on how colleagues relate to each other. You need to identify the dynamics at play and adapt to the environment. Communication may seem easy in comparison to other nursing aspects. But don’t be fooled because it is harder than what meets the eye.

Sometimes, nurses can be assertive about communicating their patient needs, but not for their own. So, as you look to the future, fine-tune your communication ability. Lend a patient ear to both colleagues and patients.

Adapt to a Broader Picture

All these developments carry a newer and greater responsibility.

As a new nurse, you may worry about the days during which a patient is under your care. But as you progress, you will be involved in patient population health. So, you will have to evaluate the circumstances that led to patient admission and provide practical care advice for patients once they get discharged. This is a crucial point to consider while you are looking for highest paying nurse jobs

More specialised the medicine, more fragmented is health care. Having a broader view and being technologically savvy can help you here. But you still need to understand about fitting the puzzle pieces together. This involves awareness about how and where the patients are receiving care. Our world, as we know, is undoubtedly going to change. As such, more patients will start receiving treatments in a non-traditional healthcare setting.

Stay Current

Commitment to learning can tune you into a nurse of the future. Research on the best practices and use them in your everyday job. Ask questions, and do not give up until you receive satisfactory answers. To be efficient in your work, you must stay abreast with the recent developments in nursing. Take some time out and learn about new procedures. Recognise the areas where your skills are lacking. Invest some time and effort in updating those skills.

It can be indeed overwhelming when you consider all the necessary skills for progressing in a nursing career.

Nevertheless, understanding the mechanics and gaining knowledge behind the skills can help you adapt and evolve with changing times.


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