We Only Fall in Love with 3 People in Our Lifetime — Each One for a Specific Reason.

Falling in love is something which everyone aspires to. This aspiration is often fuelled by movies and the like which bring forth in us a constant desire to love and be loved.

However, before we find ‘The one’, we may at first find ourselves thinking we’re in love with someone else. Here are three people we tend to fall in love with over a lifetime.

1. The first love

The first love usually happens at a very young age.

This is the type of love we find in Hollywood movies and fairy tales. Lovers would have really high expectations at this stage. They might give their romantic notions gained by fairy tales and movies precedence over practicality. They would believe it would be happily ever after.

However, while some are lucky enough to have their first love last forever, most would eventually come to terms with the fact that not everyone has a fairy tale like experience of their first love.

2. The second love

Next comes the second love.

This tends to be more complicated and difficult. By this time, we would be more practical and mature. We would have experienced manipulations, lies, deceit and hurt. This love might give us , however this would also help us understand ourselves and the kind of person we want to spend a lifetime with.

3. The third and final love

Then comes the third and final love.

You no longer expect a fairy tale. You would want a good connection that would grow over time. It may not be so passionate or dramatic, however it would give us a greater peace of mind. We would no longer try to disguise our flaws, rather we would realize our partner would accept us for who we are. This is the kind of love that can appear at any age, and would last forever.



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