We are all shareholders – Man tells possessive boyfriend of his lady

A Nigerian man has left many people amused and a few offended after suggesting an unmarried woman who has a boyfriend should still be considered a single lady. According to the internet user, every man who wants to try their luck with an unmarried woman is within his rights to try win the lady’s heart.

Identified as Chiekezi Dozie, the tweep narrated how a random irate boyfriend called him up to ask why his girlfriend had Dozie’s phone number.A puzzled Dozie then told the chap he has no rights to the woman because he still has not put a ring on it.

The tweep further said he was a “shareholder” in the woman’s life and what should bother her bae is the amount of ‘shares’ he has in his lady’s life.

Basically, Dozie was cautioning the chap to find out whether he is the main boyfriend or just a side dish his lady uses whenever she is bored.

“To the young man who called me 35 minutes ago rudely asking me what my number was doing on his girlfriend’s phone, I only have one thing to say to you. Until you put a ring on her finger, we are all shareholders.What should worry you is whether you are majority or a minority shareholder,” Dozie wrote.

A lot of Twitter users found the sentiments to be downright hilarious and quite a hoot but others just got disgusted by the man’s words.

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