Watch Police Officer’s Viral Video of Three Young Men Helping Elderly Woman Get Back into Her Car

A police officer filmed the touching moment the men – known to be rappers – jumped in to help as Rose Griest, 89, began to fall while holding the hand of her 100-year-old husband David.

Officer Kenesha Carnegie of the Levy County Sheriff’s Office in Bronson, Florida, said she wanted the world to see the men for ‘who they really are’. The couple had stopped at a gas station on the way back from a medical appointment when the incident happened. ‘It was a beautiful thing to see,’ Kenesha said of the video, which has now been viewed more than four million times. The officer said she recognized the men as rappers named Joc Koe Stoe, Marty and Freddy G.

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‘I know these men from the neighborhood, and I wanted them to have that moment to show who they really are,’ she added.

Marty explained that the pals had stopped off for snacks and said the group didn’t even ask if Rose or David needed help. ‘She could have been my grandmother,’ he said.

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Stoe said Rose looked ‘so tired, she could barely walk’ which is why they jumped in without question.

The couple’s grandson, Tommy, thanked Officer Carnegie and the men for help. He said the elderly couple is probably unaware the video even exists as they do not use social media, but added: ‘It would make them happy.’

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