Watch Michael Jackson Fire His Musical Director Without Missing A Beat Onstage! (Video)

Michael Jackson was a perfectionist of his note. When Jackson fired his musical director, mid-song, on stage was one of his epic moments. Yes, u heard that right, Jackson fired his music director on stage, while performing and he did it with such finesse that the crowd didn’t even noticed, that today a man had lost his job.

They were also enjoying the music and were getting their entire lives to “I just can’t stop loving You”.

The music director, Brad was supposed to end the song, but he didn’t end it on time.

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Jackson went angry and started singing, “It’s a breakdown, tell me, tell me! Job is gone, tell me tell me! Job’s gone, breakdown. Brad, what are yagonna do? What are you gonna do?”

One of his fans posted on social media, “not only is this hilarious, it shows how much talent is he. He was singing that you are fired, all while trying to keep the show going on. That’s really crazy.”

Michael Jackson is a legend, though he is gone, but his legacy is too iconic to die.

We are celebrating by losing ourselves in his epic moments.


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