Viral Video Of Cat Getting Angry At Dog For Farting In Its Sleep Is Truly A Gas

Those few dogs and cats who have overcome centuries of pet-rivalry and live together under the same roof still must learn to live together in peaceful harmony. This can be tricky… especially when one member of the partnership keeps farting in ones sleep (spoiler: it’s the dog).

In this video, captured by an owner’s hidden camera, a dog and a cat are peacefully lying on a bed. The dog is sound asleep when a bit of flatulence escapes him, startling the cat.

At first, the feline looks like she will let the fart pass.

After smelling the air, however, she decides that punishment must be served: the dog receives two quick swats to the head.

He didn’t know what he had done wrong… but, truthfully, he knew he probably deserved them. This probably happens on the regular.

On social media, people were obsessed with the video!

Sadly, others could relate:

These poor souls…

Hopefully, we can all someday find within ourselves the peace of a dog with no worries, farting away in his sleep under the watchful eye of a resentful cat.



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