Vanessa Williams & Rick Fox’s Gorgeous Grown Daughter Stunned For Prom.. Her Parents Are Proud

Prom Night. We’re sure you remember it was every bit as terrifying as it was exciting, way up there with the stress of any exam you did at school! From finding the perfect outfit to finding the perfect partner, it was half celebration and half popularity contest.

Everybody wanted to be King and Queen! Your favorite celebrities were regular kids once, too, and they went through all the excitement and nerves the same way all of us did. Your prom night photo might still be on the wall at your parents’ house. For a lot of celebrities, they’re all over the internet.

But today we’re not talking about them.

We’re talking about their children.

It’s time for the celebrity starlets to dress up in their finest and show the parents how it should be done. Does having a bigger clothes budget and a famous parent make you a master of style, or will they be cringing at the pictures in ten years’ time like the rest of us? Let’s find out!

Sasha Gabriella Fox (daughter of Vanessa Williams and Rick Fox)

The daughter of an actor and a basketball player for a father – there’s a whole lot going on with Sasha Gabriella Fox’s genetics.

Does having two famous parents instead of one increase the pressure or the levels of expectation? If it does, Sasha isn’t showing it.

Instead of going with expensive professional hair and makeup artists, Sasha decided to let mom style her for the night, trusting her with pretty much her entire look. We think she got it bang on. The bright cherry shade of the dress – and we think that might be satin – complements her skin tone perfectly, and her hairstyle is perfectly balanced between formal and fun.

There’s a look in her eye that tells us she knows she’s working the style, and we bet she was turning heads all evening.

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