Ultimate Style Tips for Buying Skater Dresses and Bodycon Dresses


Skater dresses and bodycon dresses are trendy clothing items you can start adding to your wardrobe capsule. They’re form-fitting clothes that come in a variety of designs excellent for casual or formal wear.

Instead of simply buying a regular dress, opt to deeply search for uniquely designed dresses. Before you hit that “Add to Cart” button, here are some tips in buying skater and body con dresses:


1. Ballerina’s Skater Dress

Find a really cute off-the-shoulder skater dress with an A-line skirt. You can find this exquisite gray mini skater dress and buy a few pieces at Lover-beauty wholesale dresses so you can save on money.

This ballerina style skater dress is absolutely pretty and great for both casual and formal use. If you want to use this as part of your daily wear, you can wear this with a pair of platform sandals or peep-toe heels. You can wear this for a romantic date with your beau, a brunch with your girlfriends or a diner out with your family.

2. Retro Skater Dress

This retro skater dress is an absolute favorite! You can check out for this style because vintage clothes or designs are very trendy this year. It`s very reminiscent of the 50`s housewife, and retro era. You can wear this with a half up and half down hairstyle and pin a pretty hairbow at the back. You can also curl the ends of your hair for a sweet touch.

3. Princess’ Skater Dress

If you want a more formal looking skater dress, you can find one that looks like a princess’ dress in the modern world. You can wear this with a pair of kitten heels or pumps.

There are many wholesale skater dresses available both in online and physical stores. Finding out with an exquisite design will help you stand out with your outfit.


1. Retro Bodycon Dress

This retro-inspired bodycon dress is a trend this year. This gives your over-all look edginess. If you want to look more put together, you can wear this with a pair of pumps and plain collared blazer.

2. Sexy Mini Bodycon Dress

This mini body con dress is an absolute stunner. You can wear this to show off your sexy figure and wear this with a pair of plain sneakers for a casual look. You can buy bodycon dresses wholesale so you can keep quite a few of these at a reasonable price.

3. Long Bodycon Dress

Long bodycon dresses are great for evening wear. You can simply put a shawl on or blazer, a pair of strappy stiletto heels and you can fine dine with your beau. Once you’re home, just take off the blazer and you’ll still feel comfortable wearing this dress.

In buying skater and bodycon dresses, choose for clothing items that can be worn on several occasions at the same time can be included in your daily outfit. This way, you can maximize the amazing form-fitting feature of these dresses.

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