Chris Brown Reportedly Agrees To New Child Support Payments And Offers To Buy Nia Guzman A New Home

#Roommates, it looks like after a long child support battle, #ChrisBrown and his baby momma #NiaGuzman are finally on the same page. According to @TMZ_TV, Chris and Nia have reached a new child support payment that makes both parties happy.

If you remember a few months ago, we reported that Nia was looking for much higher child support payments, around $21K a month. She reportedly wanted the increase for their daughter #RoyaltyBrown’s safety.

She claimed that Team Breezy was just a little too aggressive, trying to take photos of their daughter and often waiting outside of her apartment to grab a picture of Royalty.

Ultimately the increase was going to go towards safety for Royalty.

Though she didn’t get as much as she was asking for it seems sources have confirmed that she will be getting a significant increase from her $2,500 she was previously getting and Chris has also offered to buy her a home that’s safe for her and their daughter. Along with the new increase, Chris says he’ll also cover her legal fees too! Look at God y‘all!

It’s nice to see the pair are back on decent terms.

As we all know they’ve had a very bumpy public relationship but it seems they are putting their differences aside and doing what’s best for Royalty!



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