This Woman Got More In Welfare Payments For 3 Imaginary Kids Than Most People Make In Many Years

Sabrina Strothers, a Pennsylvania Woman, of Pittsburg’s Upper Hill District has been jailed for committing large-scale welfare fraud, announced by Allegheny County District Attorney’s office. The 23-year-old woman collected $130,000 approx.

in welfare benefits for her three children, triplets who don’t even exist. She claimed that she gave birth to triplets in 2008 and named them Tyreik, Tomalyia and Thomas. When the inspector general of the office contacted her, she said, her triplets live with their father in Atlanta, Georgia and she sent her benefits card to them for them to use, but couldn’t provide them the father’s telephone number and address.

Later the woman admitted that the children don’t exist.

The woman not only lied about the children but also lied about her address, income and employment.

To continue getting the benefits from Pennsylvania, she claimed her Pennsylvania address for more than 1 year, while living in Baltimore, Maryland. She also said that she is doing an internship in Philadelphia.

She even lied about her working hours and hourly wage, which was actually a lot more than what she said. She got $37,269 in food-stamp benefits, $90,000 in medical benefits, $2,000 from Temporary Assistance for needy families and $128,795 from Pennsylvania Department of Human Services.

The tax is paid to help the ones who truly need it.

If anyone found guilty for misusing the system of benefits, the guilty have to make full restitution of the overpaid benefits.

They can be sentenced, which will include incarceration, probation, community service, pay costs and fines to the court and can be disqualified for a period of time from public assistance benefits.

Let’s hope people learn from what has happened to the woman.


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