This Teen’s Boyfriend Had the Best Reaction When Someone Called His Girlfriend ‘Fat’ [Photos]

Meet Tre Booker and his girlfriend Madison, who recently attended their prom. As you can see, they have totally slayed the whole thing. They were dressed to the nines and are thrilled to go to the prom.

Just like all other school couples, they posed for photos before going to the prom. They posted some photos on social media, when Madison received an unpleasant comment from a random person @BeSafeThough, “Wow, he loves you, even tho you are fat”.

Someone definitely would have outraged on such kind of comment, but the young couple took it in a lighter way.

Madison though saddened because of being fat-shamed, replied the comment with a simple message, “Don’t see how people can be rude to people they don’t even know.” People over the social media supported her and her boyfriend and ignored the trolls.

Soon after Tre stepped in, ignoring the comment he said the sweetest thing, “You are not fat baby. God made you just for me. You are perfect. I could look at you all day.” Thousands of people are now adoring the sweet couple.

Another tweet from Tre, “Never retaliate to ignorance, just replace it with forgiveness.

That’s why I don’t argue with people I am better than that” signifies his philosophy in opposite situations.


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