This Sassy Baby May Only Speak Gibberish, But She Just Owned Dad In An Argument.

When it comes to bringing the sass, words aren’t always necessary. All it takes is one flip of the hair or one squinty-eyed look to convey that you, bringer of drama, are not here to play.

A biting remark can really seal the sassy deal, but one baby girl just proved that you and the person on the receiving end of your rant don’t even need to be speaking the same language to totally eviscerate them. While hanging out with his baby daughter one day, this Dad certainly learned that lesson. Sure, she may be two months old and fluent only in gibberish, but she is not messing around. Wanting to get ahead of the parenting curve, Dad thought he’d put it to her straight in a conversation about dating, but the tiny queen is not having it.

“I don’t care if you like him,” Dad says.

“I don’t know him!” But little does he know that his favorite lady is already a strong, independent woman-to-be. No one has any idea what she says to him in return, but let’s just say her message was certainly received.

All the while, she emphatically shakes her head, interrupting Dad when he starts saying what to her is total nonsense. “He’s only a month old!” Dad says, trying to talk some sense into her. But she’s in love! She is not having it.

Well, DAD, I’ve already thought this through because I am a woman of sound mind, is what we have to imaging she’s saying.

If you don’t quit it with your trash talking, I’m telling Mom. And look at me. I’m precious. Whose side do you think she’ll be on? We love a cunning legend.

Based on this video alone, it’s clear that this little one is not going to have any problem holding her own when she’s a big kid.

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