The Internet Is Tripping Over Forest Whitaker & His ‘Lookalike’ Brother

Guys, prepare to have your mind blown! All that time you thought malume Forest Whitaker was acing on screen, it was actually his brother. No jokes! The internet believes the pair look exactly the same, even down to the ears.

The internet was busier than Park Station on Wednesday when a lesson was being dished out on the supposed differences between Forest and Kenn Whitaker. Wait a minute.. y’all knew Forest Whitaker has a brother named Kenn Whitaker that looks just like him?

I’m like shocked because who have I been watching on TV & in movies?

Just for control, we will balance you:

Forest was born in 1961.

Kenn was born in 1963.

Forest is known for his roles in Platoon, The Butler and Black Panther. Kenn is known for roles in Life, Most Wanted and Bulworth.

The internet was rocked to the core with fans taking to social media to claim they had been lied to their entire life.

They made sure the topic trended across the world for much of Wednesday.

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