Teen Approaches Disabled Woman In Wheelchair – Doesn’t Realize Nearby Cop Is Watching His Every Move [Video]

Some people have a stereotype that teenagers have left a bad impression on older generations. Teenagers these days are often accused of being pampered, lazy, entitled and disrespectful. Senior citizens see them as a generation do people who are more interested in their phone and have a little compassion for others.

Like most stereotypes, this view is not entirely true. As the saying goes there are always some bad apples so saying an entire generation is bad is not fair.

There are stories which show how good this new generation is, one of them is a Texan teen named Louis Jordan helping an elderly lady in a wheelchair which given him a taste of viral fame.

According to ABC13, Jordan was waiting to pick up his mom on a very hot day in downtown Houston, when he noticed a disabled older lady in her wheelchair sitting in the heat and thought he had to do something to help her.

As it was unbearably hot so he got up to the woman and held an umbrella over her to protect her from heat.

As it took her Metro Lift a little longer to come to get her, they ended up waiting for an hour or forty-five minutes. And enjoyed each other’s company very well.

When Jordan’s mom finished her work, she finds her son doing an amazing deed setting up an example for everywhere in the world. And snapped a photo of that moment.

Later she said that she is very proud of her son and he is full of surprises.

Jordan’s exemplary act of kindness showed that not only good deeds but also good does exist. Considering all the news we see on tv these days Louis reminds that not all the teenagers are inconsiderate.


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