Tasha Cobbs-Leonard Opens Up About Why She Chose To Have Weight Loss Surgery [VIDEO]

Tasha Cobbs Leonard’s songs and voice are truly anointed. What happens to an artist like her when they must minister, uplift and inspire people, but aren’t feeling their best? On the season finale of “Unsung” airing Sunday, April 21st at 9/8c on TV One, Leonard will share stories about combat unhappiness, her decision to have weight loss surgery and more.

Tasha revealed that she would come home and stay in her dark room for days.

In 2010, she mentioned that she dealt with a lot of emotional issues and they all came piling down all at once.

She opened up about going to see a therapist and how it made her put pieces together.

For those that don’t know, Tasha dealt with weight issues her entire life and knew to move forward had to battle some things from her past.

She said, “Before God could open major doors in my life he was forcing me to deal with the Tasha that I had denied.”

Make sure you watch “Unsung” and check out a clip of Tasha Cobbs Leonard below!

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