Take a Tour of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Scary Home [Photos]

Kim Kardashian has given fans a rare glimpse inside the home she shares with husband Kanye West and their children North, Saint and Chicago – and it’s not what we expected! While the couple have a ban on showing their property on social media, the mum-of-three couldn’t resist sharing a video and photos after Kanye filled their living room with beautiful flowers to celebrate Valentine.

But this wasn’t the first time we were taken inside their d-eath den. We’ve gotten a few, very rare looks inside their $60 million home. Yes, $60 million home.

Kanye originally tweeted some pictures of their purge pad last Fall.

No of-fense, I just feel like a horror nun or Samara from “The Ring” is going to pop out of the corner at any moment.

He also posted this picture inside their morgue, I mean living room.

After Kanye posted the pictures above, Kim was mad and “yelled” at Kanye on Twitter.

But that’s not all…
Another time we saw inside h-ell house was on Kim’s birthday.

This is their bathroom.

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