T.I.’s Daughter Issues A Psa To ‘Grown Men’ Ahead Of Her 18th Birthday

The world has watched T.I. and Tiny’s family, specifically their children, grow up through all of their transitions on the VH1 show Family Hustle. T.I.’s daughter Deyjah, 17, has definitely bloomed under the watchful eye of social media, but as we know the internet can also be a da-ngerous place for young women.

On Thursday, the teen posted a message for her admirers who have no business trying to get her attention.

“I just want to quickly say that just because I’m turning 18 in June…that doesn’t mean 1. that ya’ll will even get the chance to lmaooooooo


more importantly, that still doesn’t make it right for you grown ass men to try and get at me…eighteen,” she wrote.

“I will still be A TEENAGER!!! if you’re not ok with someone your age tryna get with your daughter, sister, niece, etc. then don’t think it’s ok with me,” she said in conclusion.

As Deyjah continues to morph into a young woman, she’s solidified a large social media presence, oftentimes modeling outfits for fashion distributor Fashion Nova.

But the attention has also warranted overgrown men from coming into her comment section and making advances towards the girl, who is clearly not of age.

This isn’t the first time the teen has had to advocate for herself. In March a commentator posted an inappropriate comment about her private area and she quickly had to step in and set them straight. She also checked a man who said that girls who look like Deyjah prompt pedophilia smh.

“We gotta make a law where irrelevant a** men just leave women alone, mind their business and more importantly stay in their place.

have a blessed and highly favored day.” she wrote.

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