Stranger Helps G’ma Stranded In Airport. When Identity Is Revealed Her Jaw Drops ‘I Saw She Needed Help’

Ron Clements once said, “A man’s character can be judged by how he treats people around him”. In this world, there are plenty of good people with strong character.

On Appleton International Airport, Wisconsin a social media user Momica saw one such incident and couldn’t stop herself to share the story. Maybe a stranger pushing a disabled person’s wheelchair is not unique, but when she came to know who that stranger was her jaw drops.

He was none other than the football player, Aaron Jones. He is running back for Green Bay Packers..

Aaron, 23-year-old, professional football player is ranked 33, walking through the airport.

When suddenly he noticed a dis-abled woman in need. The NFL player decided to lend a hand, without even asking. He pushed her through the airport because there was no one around her.

Twitter users praised the player and soon then a user Teresa Lingg comments, “That’s my grandma!”.

Many users posted their pictures with Aaron on social media, he sure is a loving person, who has a kind heart and spread happiness around him.

It quite rare, to see someone, didn’t let fame go to his head. Aaron is as same as he was before being famous. He is a role model for all of us.


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