Somebody Needs To Get Jacquees Before Keith Sweat Lays Him Out [VIDEO]

Jacquees started a discussion and thinks he’s the sh*t, invincible. The conversation is an interesting one. But sadly, all of the attention he’s receiving is negative. I don’t know if he realizes he’s the bump of a joke. He’s so gassed off it all that even the word King sets him off. When TMZ asked Keith Sweat if he was the King, he said no.

But before he could explain, Jacquees ran in to disrupt his interview.

TMZ: Hey Keith, I got a question for you, man.

Keith Sweat: What’s your question? Don’t ask me no crazy a-ss question.

TMZ: You are the king of R&B. You were originally the King.

See, this the king from back then. I’m the King for right now. This Keith Sweat. Big Sweat. But it’s Big Quee. Big Quee!

Keith Sweat: I’m still getting that bag. I don’t know what he talking about.

Jacquees: He getting that bag but 16-25 is my generation. I’m the King.

Keith Sweat looks like he’s contemplating the risks and rewards. Really, the disrespect was too much. Jumping in front of the legend, intercepting a question that wasn’t even directed toward him. Too much.

See how it all played out in the video below.


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