Single Father Walks 11 Miles A Day In Order To Keep His Job, When His Coworkers Find Out They Surprise Him With His Very Own Car [Video]

Trenton Lewis, a 21-year-old father used to walk 11 miles every day to work, just to provide for her young 14-month-old daughter. He has to reach at morning 4 a.m.

every day, so he starts at 12 a.m to cover 5.5 miles to work from last 7 months. He never made any excuses and was always on time. He did everything so his daughter doesn’t have to face the same difficulties in her life. He never told anyone how he comes. But one day his co-worker finds out how he comes. The entire office was shocked to know this.

They couldn’t believe someone would wake up that time of night and start walking that far. The owner was impressed with his loyalty for the company.

All the employees want to help him, so he doesn’t have to go through all this.

All his co-workers pooled some money together and brought him a car. They called a union meeting and his co-workers handed him the car keys. Trenton, couldn’t believe his eyes and was overwhelmed by his co-worker’s kindness and burst into tears. He says to CNN, “My pride is strong. I am her father and it is my responsibility to provide it for her.

keep working hard like this.” Now he doesn’t have to leave at midnight, he leaves at 3.30 am which gives him more time to spend with his daughter.

The owner said, if someone has that kind of determination, we should help him.

I knew things would get better one day if I


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