She Has A 4.71 GPA And Got Accepted Into 62 Colleges [Video]

Raylynn Thompson isn’t your average high school senior. She has a 4.71 weighted GPA and will soon have to decide between the 62 colleges that want her in their programs. With those acceptances come more than $1 million in scholarship offers. “At first it just started with small little letters,” Thompson said about the offers, “then it gradually increased to big envelopes, and then occasionally I would come home and there would be a box,” Thompson says she wants to become a doctor, more specifically a neonatologist.

She says she wants “to help babies who are premature or have birth defects, because I feel like if I can help them get ready for the world, then nothing can stop them.”

The first acceptance letter came from Mississippi Valley before her senior year even began. She says she didn’t believe it and even called the school to make sure it wasn’t a hoax.

Thompson says her hard work and time management have gotten her where she is, but more than anything, she credits her support group – her family, friends, and teachers.

“I’m extremely proud of her,” her teacher Lisa Dotson said. “She is one in a million because she really cares. Not just about getting the grade – she wants to learn, and every teacher wants that student.”

Thompson will begin college as a sophomore and plans to major in biology with honors.

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