She Goes To Salon To Get Rid Of Her Damaged Hair, But Stylist Ends Up Chopping It All Off [Video]

Sometimes, an unexpected hairstyle can make all the difference in how one looks and feels. Take it from Julie, who recently shared her “hair journey” with the internet… and now her before-and-after is going viral.

Long, beautiful hair runs in Julie’s family, but hers was badly damaged from years of coloring, blow-drying, and ironing. Over the years, her hair became dry, lifeless, and stubborn. She hadn’t had a proper haircut since she was 14 years old.

So, Julie decided to make a drastic change by starting fresh — and I mean drastic.

“I love my long hair, but I have to cut it, because… look.” And with that, Julie turns her back to the camera and lets her hair down.

She wanted to show viewers how long it actually was (below her waist) as well as how damaged it had become.

After four months of researching stylists, Julie headed to the salon and told her hairdresser she wanted none other than a pixie cut! She’d never had this style before, let alone cut her hair short at all.

Watch Julie’s transformation unfold in the video below.

Commenters say it took years off her look. Either way, she’s beautiful.

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