Police Orders Woman To Open Her Trunk. Has No Idea That She’s Recording Everything Behind His Back [Video]

Being stopped by the police is not usually a pleasant experience. If you are driving and you are stopped by the police, chances are that you are going to be given a ticket, or charged a fine.

However, not all such en-counters are unpleasant, as proven by Chy-Niece who was driving to her job interview. She was not driving too fast and she had used her signals correctly, so she did not understand what was wrong, After she grabbed her license and registration she rolled down her window, what then happened is really spreading all over the internet for the right reasons.

The officer was not ag-gressive at all.

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Officer Jenkins explained that one of her brake lights was out, and this was stressful, she really didn’t need a fine and repair costs! The officer instead of writing out a fine, he did something that was totally unexpected-he stepped into the role of a mechanic and ensured everything was alright.

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Truly heartwarming

In today’s world, we do not hear that many positive stories like this.

Hence, Chy-Niece found this extremely heartwarming. This story went viral through Facebook for good reason. We really need more people like that in the world, who would prioritize the well-being of others, and who are not afraid of helping out a stranger.

Officer Jenkins has surely shown how humanity wins over, and has made the day better for Chy-Niece instead of ruining it as she expected!


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