Pit Bull Drags Baby By Her Diaper After House Goes Up In F-lames [Video]

A family’s pitbull not only saved her little human sister’s life but also the lives of her whole family and left her heroic act in the praises of many.

Latana Chai, a mom from California, was deep asleep in the middle of the night when she heard the family dog, Sasha, barking fero-ciously and scratching at the backyard door repeatedly. Latana who was sleeping with her seven-month-old daughter, Masailah, noticed that the pitbull’s barks were unlike his usual. Sasha sounded particularly intense and ag-gravated than usual. Immediately, Katana knew something was wrong. felt alarmed. She knew something wasn’t right.

She woke up and headed out to check what was going on. She opened her door, only to be met with thick black smoke and f-lames coming out of her neighbor’s house and quickly spreading towards her house.

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Latana recalled, “As soon as I got to the door, she runs in and starts barking, and I’m like, ‘What the heck is wrong with you? Like, you don’t do this.

I looked up and there’s black smoke coming from my neighbor’s house. You can see the f-lames coming out.”

It was Sasha’s next move that left everyone in awe of this gentle canine. Latana ran upstairs for her child, but Sasha was already well on her way. Latana watched in awe how her pit bull bit into her daughter’s diaper and tried to drag her out of da-nger. “I ran into the room and I see Sasha. She has my baby by the diaper just dragging her off the bed trying to get her to safety.” Latana said.

Latana was then able to get everyone outside where it was safe and called 911. Hers and her neighbor’s home were quite wrecked by the f-ire and home and all four units in the fourplex were left without electricity.

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Had it not been for Sasha’s warning, the family and possibly many others might have been caught in the f-lames.

Latana said, “Sasha saved everybody. Because if it wasn’t for her, I don’t think that any of us in this complex would have known anything… If she wasn’t barking or really going at the door like that, I probably wouldn’t have known nothing.”

Sasha who is seven months old, has been around since Masailah was born and the two have undoubtedly and it’s clear that the two share a special bond.



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