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Technology is currently transforming healthcare at an remarkably rate. Our strength to take data from wearable devices such as smartwatches, phones etc will give us the ability to increasingly predict and treat health problem of a people even before they experience any symptoms in their body. Throughout 2020 we see many new applications of prognostic healthcare and the introduction of more effective treatments to ensure better outcomes for individual patients.

What is Personalized Medicine?

The advent of Personalized Medicine is moving us closer to more precise, predictable and powerful health care for the individual patient. Our Personalized Medicine growing and understanding of genetics and genomics — and how they drive health, disease and drug responses in each patient — is allowing doctors to provide better disease prevention and more accurate diagnoses and safer Medicine prescriptions for more effective treatments for the many diseases and conditions that diminish our health.

The Future of Personalized Healthcare

We clearly remember the scientists claimed victory against all nature of future disease after the human genome had successfully been decoded. However, over the ensuing many ears plus, it has become clear that our health is not quite that deterministic. The benefits of using predictive analytics are the same as many categories of digital health: better care and lower costs.The concern that care will be reduced to a set of algorithmically-derived probabilities is important and real. But the promise is as well.

Top Predictive medicine Companies

  • Pfizer
  • AstraZeneca
  • University Of Oxford
  • Glympse Bio, Inc.
  • Nodexus

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