People Are Already Calling Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ Movie A ‘Horror Masterpiece’

Jordan Peele’s upcoming film Us has been met with almost unanimous applause online after premiering at South By Southwest festival. The film – Peele’s first since the Oscar-nominated Get Out – follows two parents, played by Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke, and their two children on summer holiday.

However, they are soon menaced by four doppelgängers who have horrible intentions for the family. Speaking about the film following the screening, Peele said their was political commentary to be drawn from the film. “On the broader strokes of things, this movie is about this country,” he told the audience, according to EW.

“When I decided to write this movie I was stricken by the fact that we’re in a time where we fear The Other — whether it’s the mysterious invader we think is going to come and k-ill us or take our jobs, or the faction we don’t live near that voted a different way than us.

We’re all about pointing the finger. I wanted to suggest maybe the monster we really need to look at has our face. Maybe the evil is us.”

On Twitter, those who were lucky enough to be at the screening were full of praise, with one person even calling the film a “horror masterpiece”.

Another compared the film to Get Out: “Less political and ‘important’ as Get Out. More interesting, gripping, and daring.”

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