Pastor John Gray Denies Sleeping With Another Woman, ‘I Had An Emotional Affair’ [Video]

Remember that sermon when Pastor John Gray and his wife Avenger alluded to the famed pastor having an affair? Well, Pastor Gray admitted to the affair, but not exactly what we all thought went down during an appearance on The Real.

According to the servant of the Lord, he had an “emotional affair” when began to confide in a woman outside of his wife about their marriage. And said he was in the woman’s presence once.

In case you missed it, Avenger blamed the devil for sending a “strange woman” into her husband’s life with whom, he allegedly had an affair during a sermon at their Relentless Church in Texas.

“And then I prayed for them and him and then the devil loses,” she said condemning evil spirits for her husband’s infidelities.

“Because that’s not going to happen is you tell me that I’m going to lose my purpose because someone whispered to a ’16-year-old John’. The devil is a lie. I’m standing with my husband, and you can go on back to the pits of h-ell where you came from.”

However, Pastor Gray is adamant he didn’t sleep or gather a child with anyone else.

Sounds fishy, but who knows with this couple. They seem to do everything for theatrics. Hopefully, they’re in a better place and Gray doesn’t confide with anyone else.

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