One In Ten Million, Mom Gives Birth To Her 2nd Set Of Identical Twins, Told To Buy Powerball Tickets

Casey Saunders, a 27-year-old mother from Colorado was shocked, when the ultrasound report revealed that she is pregnant with another set of twins. Since the couple were fighting who will take the baby first, she thought that the technician is kidding about seeing two heartbeats, as the odds were 1 to 10 million.

But soon she finds out he wasn’t. The doctor told the mother to try her luck at the Powerball lottery tickets.

Casey already had identical twin boys, Hayden and Cameron, ten years ago, when she was 17. So, expecting another duo, the odds are one in 70,000.

On top of that, the babies had developed the same placenta inside, a rare condition which can cause fatal conditions in the womb, having the odds of 1% of twin pregnancies.

The twins were revealed to be monoamniotic monochorionic.

She said, “We went from ‘Oh my God we’re having twins’ to ‘Oh my God, we’re having a really high-risk pregnancy’”.

Casey spend the final 2-months of her pregnancy in the hospital, while the doctors were monitoring her baby girls. But each week they were still growing. All went fine.

On 1st December, 2017, the family welcomed the baby girls, Maya and Laia. They were born eight weeks premature, so they were kept in hospital for four-weeks. Casey didn’t have any complications after birth.


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