Nurse Thinks Mom Hasn’t Noticed Her, But Mom Can’t Stay Silent About What She’s Seen Her Do

Shelby and Jonathan have a daughter named Sophie she is currently fi-ghting for her life. When the sweet little two-year-old wasn’t feeling well, Shelby thought it was just allergies.

One night, Sophie stopped breathing. Sophie family took her to the hospital and that’s where their world changed forever. Doctors discovered a softball-sized mass in tiny sweet-little Sophia chest. She was diagnosed and has to spent months enduring chemotherapy treatments. Even though Sophie’s body fought hard, her ca-ncer still spread.

The chemotherapy has impacted side effects on her ability to walk, talk, use her hands and eat.

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Shelby forgets to take care of herself since she’s so busy looking out for her little baby.

To keep family and friends informed of Sophie’s progress, Shelby started a Facebook page called Sophie the Brave.

She Uploaded, one particular post-Shelby shared that has since gone viral. Moms with sick ones for what she’s said about the nurses everywhere have rallied behind Shelby

“I see you, I sit on this couch all day long and I see you. I see your face drops a little when she sees you and cries. You try so many techniques to ease her fears and win her over. I see you hesitate to stick her or pull Band-Aids off. You say ‘No worries’ and ‘I’m sorry’ more times in a day than ‘thank you.’”

Shelby shared that she watches the nurses carry baskets of medicine and supplies into one ill child’s room.

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Shelby credited the Nurses who come by and visit her daughter even if she isn’t there, I see you holding tiny hands, change dirty sheets, translate medical talk for parents and wipe your eyes coming out of a hard room particularly.

I see you put on masks, gloves, and a gown then pause before you hang a bag of poison chemo for my little kid.”

Absolutely no words or things nothing can appreciate what the nurses have done for her little daughter and all other ill children Shelby’s met along Sophie’s journey. Shelby wrote that nurses “You are Jesus to us every single day.

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So far, Shelby’s post has been shared on social media more than 25,000 times and garnered more than 48,000 reactions.

Nurses from everywhere are touched by Shelby’s post.

Shelby noted that nurses not only take care of their pint-sized patients, but they also take care for the family members, too. Shelby’s she herself has been the recipient of love and concern from Sophie’s nurses.

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These medical professionals are:

  • Healers
  • Helpers,
  • Playmates and
  • Storytellers.

  • They are blessings to patient families.
    The Sophie family recently received miraculous news that Sophie is mostly ca-ncer free.


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