Nurse Is Caught Taking Baby Clothes From Donation Bins, Then Coworker Says ‘Look In The Trunk’ [Video]

Pam Medina is a registered nurse at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital-Forest in Richmond, Virginia. One day, Pam walked into the hospital break room and saw her fellow nurse, Sara, digging through a box of donated baby clothes. Pam asked Sara what was going on. That’s when Sara revealed what had recently happened to her. Though she’d been granted custody of her infant granddaughter, Isabella, the adoption happened so suddenly that she had no baby supplies.

That night, unbeknownst to Sara, Pam went home and posted a heartfelt plea on Facebook. She reached out to local mothers in her area.

Pam was stunned by the response, and Sara had absolutely no idea what was in store.

A few days later, Pam and her husband drove to the hospital with a huge surprise for Sara. Together, the two women broke down in tears and embraced.

Watch the incredible surprise unfold below, and please SHARE this wonderful act of kindness with your friends!


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