Nurse Is Caught Taking Baby Clothes From Donation Bins, Then Coworker Says ‘Look In The Trunk’ [Video]

One act of kindness makes everyone happy. Being kind is the easiest way to connect with people. Here is the story of Sara and Pam Medina to please your mind.

Internet, when used in right way, can prove to be a blessing for someone. We all know that internet and social Media help to communicate and spread stories. The simple story between Pam and Sara spreads the positive message in our community.

Both are working as a registered nurse in Richmond, Virginia. They did not know each other before this incident happen.

One day Pam Medina walked in the break room of the hospital.

She saw Nurse Sara is looking for something in donation boxes for baby. Pam asked her about it and Sara told the story about her seven-month-old grandchild.

Sara told Pam that she recently got custody of her granddaughter, Isabella. This was totally unplanned and she was not prepared economically for it. Pam after coming home done the best thing that she can. She opened her mind on Facebook.

She told Sara’s story to the friends on Facebook. She also asked people to donate the things for Sara’s little grandchild. This made a huge difference. Within a few hours of her Facebook post, people started contacting her for donation.

She took all the things and kept it in her car trunk.

She called Sara to the parking lot and opened a trunk in front of her. She told Sara that it’s all for her granddaughter. Sara and Pam hugged each other with a new bond of love and friendship between them.


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