North Carolina Student Who Began College At 12 Receives Ph.D. At 23

23-year-old Julia Nepper has already completed her Ph.D. from Wisconsin University. Her mother Nadine Nepper says, “She is a gifted child”. She started attending community college in Wilmington, NC at the age of 12.

She is homeschooled from the past 4 years because her parents think, she is not being challenged enough in her traditional classroom.

She got her associates degree at the age of 14 from Cape Fear Community College. She received her bachelor degree at the age of 16 from UNCW.

Her parents are proud of her.

Her mother said, “No one would believe she was kept back in kindergarten for 1 year”.Julia says, “Other people can do the same in their life if they get the right support. I don’t see any fault of my parents while pushing me for studies. I could clearly handle it and they did it right”.

She wants to work in Japan and leave the U.S.

She has spent most of her life indoor and hardly been in the real world. So, she is scared to go out and get a job. It is quite challenging for her. She is an ambitious girl and no one could stop her now.


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